Our #SocialHR event: A Tumblr Blog Post from Perry Timms (@PerryTimms)

Why CIPD Manchester and #SocialHRMcr is a good thing

I have the privilege – and I don’t use that term lightly – to keynote and facilitate a session at a conference on 16 October at Lancashire Cricket Club organised by CIPD Manchester Branch.  

The conference has been entirely put together to discuss, debate and put to work Social Media, connecting technologies, digital tools, apps whatever you like to call them.

Why is this a good thing?  There are people who’ve been using social media in HR to recruit, engage, development, share, network, create, learn, build relationships for AGES so this is no new thing.

Except it is STILL not a norm.  

OK it’s growing.  

OK we know a lot of the tricks now of how to mine LinkedIn, use Facebook graph searching and tweet our way into some higher form of enlightenment.  

Yet it isn’t a norm for many of our fellow practitioners at all levels.

People are still afraid, concerned, sceptical, overawed, dismissive, annoyed and just ambivalent about social technologies.

We have seen some useful research by Jonny Gifford from CIPD about how social networking is viewed by our working population via a YouGov survey and from case studies of how Enterprise Social Networks are being put to work.  If you’ve not seen it, do check it out from the CIPD’s Website here. 


So why make a fuss over a CIPD Branch event in the NW?

Well I’m not making a fuss but I am calling this a great thing for a branch to do – not just because I am on the bill – for its members.

Now, CIPD Branches are run by volunteer enthusiasts.  So before anyone shouts them down, these people are doing things in THEIR time, for no extra reward other than putting something back into their profession and their locality.

Members are the recipients and beneficiaries of this network of volunteers efforts through

– events with guest speakers on themes and topics pertinent to their profession, through

– networking with other practitioners to help and collaborate when its needed support in times of challenge and

– chewing the fat and making sense of this crazy world of work we now operate in.

So it’s that which makes this event all the more special.

A group of volunteers, who truly get the need to raise the game on use of social and digital technology for their members, to enhance their credibility and viability in the places they work.  That is the good thing.

We have had people love, hate and everything in between the term #SocialHR.  I like it for it says something about not the use of Social Media but the use of socialised ways to be and do, if you’re in the HR game.

So scoff, ignore, criticise, all you like.  CIPD Manchester Branch is  doing something here for its members, through the unwavering efforts and belief of their volunteers about something which will be useful to many people struggling to get their sea legs in this wavy world of digital connectivity.

When was the last time you gave something to others you might now take for granted yourself?

I’m glad to give to #SocialHRMcr and I hope the participants will then want to change their work for the better, one social media post and online conversation at a time.

Location Manchester, England E-mail manchester@cipdbranch.co.uk Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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