Feedback from #socialHRmcr

We had an excellent day at socialHRmcr, a mix of conference and unconference. If you want to see what you missed then here are some ways to see what happened on the day:

1 – Feedback recorded at the end of #socialHRmcr:

2 – An excellent Storify by Tim Scott, curating the story of the day:

Social HR at CIPD Manchester 16.10.2014 – Tim Scott

3 – Blog posts written by participants, reflecting on the day:

Social HR for social creatures by Lisa Gill

Come on in, the water’s lovely! by Simon Jones

Taking a Big First Step by Rachel Burnham

Social HR by Tim Scott

Unconferences – The ultimate in social learning? by Sheridan Webb

#socialHRmcr – The weapon of mass inclusion by Lesley Campbell

And finally, a huge thank you to our speakers, facilitators, and participants who all did a great job!

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