(un)conference season is open…

#cipd14 is happening next week. Read this blog post and get excited about it!


IMG_0377.JPGAs I sit on an East Coast train heading to London I am thinking about the different (un)conferences that I will be taking part in over the next few days. They used to be at polar ends of the spectrum and like Tim Scott in his post here I was out of love with the CIPD annual conference for a while.

It was solely HR focussed, with inaccessible approaches to the conference as it was ‘all or nothing’, solely predetermined and/or defined sessions and generally crap speakers on the exhibition floor simply peddling their wares.

This is what attracted me to the L&D unconference as it is the complete opposite. No peddling, tiny cost £80 with vat, no speakers, agenda and method decided by the participants. For some great resources on what Unconferences are about see these links:

Blog from Julie Drybrough
Blog for Sukh Pabial
Audio recording from Simon…

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