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HR can play a strategic role in transforming data into valuable decisional insights. This ability to generate, and dynamically respond to, new information and insights provides companies with real competitive advantage.

An organisation can be hard to understand through figures alone.  HR, through analytics, can generate and enable meaningful visualisation of the organisation.  Analytics promotes a deeper understanding of where staff are, what they are doing, how well they are performing and where to realise efficiencies.

With the right capabilities, HR can transition from an on-demand provider of data to a proactive function helping to drive business performance.

Where are your existing talent gaps? How can you grow employee retention? What is the impact of your current recruitment indicators on employee performance?

Your business needs to be able to identify which candidates get ahead and where to find them.  Your business needs to know what generates engagement and encourages retention within the company.  Are you, as an HR professional, aware of what helps your sales team exceed their performance targets?  In managing Health and Safety, are you aware of the locations, roles and circumstances within your business have the highest risk of accidents and expensive claims?


The CIPD Manchester Branch held an informative talk on HR Analytics with Giles Slinger from OrgVue back in 2015. Many HR and business professionals attended the event and enjoyed live demonstrations and interactive exercises.

Key takeaway

When presenting data, make sure even a five-year-old can spot what you’re representing in your visualisation

Learn the basics and improve your confidence and capability when using data People Analytics with the latest CIPD guide ‘Getting started with people analytics: a practitioner’s guide’

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