Improve and transform the way you tackle compliance training

Planning and rolling out mandatory compliance training is nothing less than a real challenge for many L&D practitioners. It’s the ghoul of the L&D world.

Many employees question why they have to take compliance training despite the glaring benefit which is helping to protect them, and their employer and time after time the major complaint heard from employees is “it’s boring” and who wouldn’t get bored taking the same training year after year!

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

You can roll out training programs, but you cannot force employees to pay attention. However, one thing you can do to remedy this is to make your compliance training more engaging and interactive.

Our Halloween Cake Camp Special event focused on rethinking, refreshing and revitalising approaches to compliance training. We explored different approaches to improving and transforming the way L&D professionals can tackle one of the trickiest subjects.

We’ve curated some of the te tweets, photos and slides from the event and you can take a look here.

Compliance Training Cake Camp | CIPD Manchester

Unfamiliar with our Cake Camps?

The format is simple. Grab a seat at a table and one of our L&D facilitators will sit with you and have between 10 – 15 minutes to host a conversation on an aspect of compliance training. Once the time is up, you stay put as another L&D facilitator joins you to discuss another facet of compliance training

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