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Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

We have world-leading businesses that have created a record number of jobs in our city region. Across all sectors, employers are providing good jobs, which are well-paid, secure and with opportunities to get on. But, as Andy Burnham our Metro Mayor say ‘We can do better’

On average, Manchester businesses are less productive than others in the UK, and even further behind London and the rest of the world.

Many of our residents are in low paid and insecure work and find themselves unable to reach their full potential, get a home or provide a secure start for their children.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is working to develop a Good Employer Charter to help employers to reach best practice, helping them to grow and to provide the good jobs our region needs.

“I want Greater Manchester to be the best place to live, work and invest.  The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is right at the heart of those plans.”

~ Andy Burnham 

The Charter can only deliver if it is developed with employers, employees, and others. While GMCA can set out the goals, only businesses, public servants, volunteers, and residents can find a route to reach them.

On Tuesday, 23 October 2018 we provided for an opportunity for people to exchange with our distinguished speakers and contribute to developing the Charter for Greater Manchester.


John Wrathmell, Head of Strategy and Policy Development and a former Senior Treasury Official, has been advising the Greater Manchester Metro Mayor Andy Burnham on a Good Work Charter. John has been consulting with a wide variety of organisations, prominent among them the CIPD, as he develops the new vision of good work for our great city. John shared his thinking on developing the charter, the opportunities it promises for the city and its people and the critical role of the HR and L&D profession in the city in enabling it.

CIPD’s Head of Policy and Insights for UK nations and regions, Dr. John McGurk, shared CIPD ’s vision of Fair Work based on the CIPD UK Working Lives job quality insights and broader research. He highlighted the CIPD’s involvement in building better work in UK nations and regions and how our research supports GMCA’s direction.

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