How to increase productivity in your organisation

The ONS definition of the Productivity Puzzle is  ‘the flat-lining of productivity since 2010’ (, 2018) and it’s not difficult to see the economic downturn which began in early 2008. 

Most economies experience booms and busts. The financial crisis had a detrimental effect on productivity across Europe and beyond. While our European neighbours have seen a steady increase in productivity since the financial crisis, the same cannot be said for the UK’s productivity levels.

Join us for our event Solving the Productivity Puzzle

We’re meeting on 23 January 2019 with the Decent Work and Productivity Centre to discuss the perennially thorny issues of skills and productivity.

We will take a closer look at both skills supply and demand across our region and explore how certain mechanisms can be used to help align skills supply and demand.

Aligning skills supply and demand can increase productivity significantly thus beginning to address productivity challenges in the North West.

Employers need to be at the heart of creating good jobs, providing people with the opportunities to train and progress in work, with secure work when they need it, but flexibility to fit their individual circumstances.(Greater Manchester Combined Authority, 2017)

IPPR. (2018). Chart of the month: Disparities in regional productivity.

Join us at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. Admission is free for CIPD members and students. £15 for non-members.


Greater Manchester Combined Authority (2017). Our people, our place. The Greater Manchester Strategy. [online] Manchester: GMCA. Available at: [Accessed 26 Nov. 2018].

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