Skills, Productivity and The Ageing Workforce

As the workforce ages, employers increasingly have to retain the valuable skills of their older workers. With many people leaving the workforce before they reach State Pension age, it’s essential for employers to offer opportunities, such as retraining and flexible working, to keep them.

Evidence shows that multi-generational workforces are more productive. Businesses benefit from the experience, loyalty and reliability that older workers bring. For employees, making informed and timely career and retirement choices can ensure they are financially secure throughout their life.

How does the ageing workforce affect you?

Fewer younger people coming from education and training means a heavier reliance on retaining and recruitment of older people. Once in work, older workers require retraining to ensure their skills are up to date so they can adapt to any changes in the work environment.

Employers recognised for ‘best practice’ understand the business case for a mixed-age workforce. They know the age of their workforce, talk to their workers to identify issues and introduce interventions to help retain, retrain and recruit older workers.

Join us for our Public Policy Panel on Skills, Productivity and The Ageing Workforce on Thursday 4 April from 17:45 to 20:00 at Ziferblat Edge Street.


This event provides an opportunity to hear from, and discuss ,these issues with Alistair McQueen. Alistair is Head of Savings & Retirement at the insurer, Aviva. Aviva already helps 6 million people in the UK save for and live through their retirement. Aviva’s UK CEO, Andy Briggs, is the government’s independent business champion for older workers. Alistair leads Aviva’s work to ensure that age is no barrier to opportunity. Aviva’s ambition is to help its employees, and its customers thrive, not just survive, in later life.

This session will involve:

  • Understanding of the business case for a mixed-age workforce
  • Best practice advice on talking to employees to identify issues and introducing interventions to help retain, retrain and recruit older workers
  • Discussion of potential barriers and how you can enact best practice across your organisation

Bring your questions and concerns to share.
This session will take place under Chatham House Rules.A

Location Manchester, England E-mail Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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