How to implement a Wellbeing programme that works

Whether you’re considering implementing a well-being programme within your organisation or seeking to improve on your existing programme, join us in Manchester with the British Psychological Society and the Society for Occupational Medicine on 2 April for a full-day conference to hear from influential well-being experts on Implementing Wellbeing that works.

During our conference we will explore the evidence for positive psychological well-being, the link between well-being and productivity, implementing strategic well-being (Santander UK case study), Occupational Health’s role in wel-being programmes.

We will look at the cost-effectiveness of wellbeing programmes and explore current methods of evaluating cost-effectiveness and introduce you to new methods.

We will also consider well-being at work from a legal perspective before concluding with a Q&A panel chaired by the CEO of the Society for Occupational Medicine.

The Evidence for Positive Psychological Wellbeing
Professor Ivan Robertson

This presentation examines the evidence base for psychological wellbeing (PWB) in organisations in four different areas: the impact of PWB on individual health; the impact of PWB on individual and organisational outcomes; the factors that influence PWB in corporate settings and types of interventions and their effectiveness.

Wellbeing and Productivity at Work
Dr Sheena Johnson

Sheena’s session will draw from her book looking at wellbeing and productivity at work. Specifically, the session will focus on the case studies the book contains to give participants insights on what organisations are currently doing to manage wellbeing at work

A Strategic Approach to Implementing Wellbeing in Santander
David Moore & Sharon De Mascia

The wellbeing market place is vast and confusing, which means that organisations often struggle to identify which wellbeing interventions to choose and how best to implement them to have an impact on the bottom line. In this session, David and Sharon will present a case study of how Santander implemented wellbeing strategically and the effect that it had.

The role of Occupational Health in contributing to the wellbeing of the working population – Jennifer Napier

Dr Jenny Napier will consider the role of Occupational Health past, present and (ideal) future in supporting the health and wellbeing of the working age population. She will offer a medical perspective on why wellbeing matters, what the connection is between wellbeing and individual health, and what factors influence wellbeing in organisational settings.

Are Workplace Wellbeing Interventions Cost-Effective?
Dr Mark Bryan

There is increasing interest in interventions in the workplace which can raise employee wellbeing. This session will cover methods for comparing the wellbeing benefits of such interventions with their costs, and hence for deciding whether an intervention is justified. The session will briefly review existing methods of cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis and then present a new method for evaluating cost-effectiveness with subjective wellbeing as the outcome. It will demonstrate a new Excel-based cost-effectiveness tool, using a worked example based on a published study of a workplace intervention. The session will conclude with a discussion of the requirements for building cost-effectiveness into future intervention studies and trials.

Wellbeing in the workplace – a legal perspective
Naeema Choudry

In this session, Naeema will look at a manager’s role and responsibilities in promoting health and well-being in the workplace; the benefits of flexible working; the impact of technology on well-being and mental health and well-being in the workplace – the legal position and pitfalls.

Question and Answer Panel
Facilitated by Nick Pahl, CEO Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM)

Download the full conference programme including speakers bios

Location Manchester, England E-mail Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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