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As people professionals and members of the CIPD, our committee members are curious and keep abreast of the latest trends to inform their learning and bring value to our committee and area membership.

Importance of learning

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development Content at the CIPD believes that

‘In our fast-changing world, a passion for learning is non-negotiable. Whilst learning and curiosity is a natural inclination for children, it’s something that can wane in adulthood. However, if we neglect our commitment to learning, we choose stagnation. A passion for learning ensures we stay at the forefront of knowledge and practice, enables us to leverage opportunities, drive innovation and achieve fulfilment and purpose.’

Over the festive season, we asked our committee members to recommend their favourite resources of 2018, and we’ve put together five suggestions in our Best of 2018.

Ideas for business

Rebecca who leads our Employment Law activities and Communications is a huge fan of TED Talks and recently discovered the TED Ideas blog. She recommends the business category which ‘brings together equally inspiring blog posts from which everyone can learn — a great resource for those with a curious mind.’ TED Ideas

Emotion at work

Ian who leads our Social Action initiatives likes podcasts as a medium and the one he’s learned most from this year is ‘Emotion at Work’ by Phil Willcox. Ian says it’s one of the few podcasts that can’t listen to when driving as he always ends up taking a few notes. His favourite episode is number 2 Emotional inauthenticity and burnout featuring Sarah-Jane Lennie who is a past CIPD Manchester Committee Member. Emotional inauthenticity & burnout

Modernising L&D

Rachel who leads our L&D group and also acts as our Public Policy Adviser likes the many interesting, provoking and helpful blogs written by David James around about how L&D can make a useful contribution in today’s organisations. His article “WE WANT TRAINING!” starts by acknowledging one of the things that makes it difficult for L&D to modernise its approach, which is that clients, both internal & external, often seem stuck in wanting traditional training programmes. David offers practical suggestions to helps us respond positively to this challenge with ideas on experimenting, performance consulting and data analysis. Rachel finishes by saying ‘What I love about David’s work is that it both makes you think deeply and is immensely practical.’ We want training

Adapting solutions

As Sarah, our Branch Secretary puts it ‘A bit of a wildcard, this one, but the article made me think. It doesn’t matter how much planning or consultation you do, if your creation doesn’t work for people, they won’t get benefit from it. At best, they’ll adapt it, or find a shortcut/the desired path. At worst, they’ll ignore it altogether.’ Sarah maintains we can ‘choose to ignore desired paths, or we can learn from them and adapt our solutions to make something genuinely people-oriented.’ Desired paths: Illicit trails that defy the urban planners

Authenticity at work

Shyamenda our Student Lead loves HBR which publishes resources and discussions by leading academics and industry leaders. Shyamenda thinks HBR is a ‘great way to stay informed and aware of some of the crucial topics affecting us all.’ He put forward a Deloitte Digital sponsored feature on Inclusive leadership and being authentic at work. Shyamenda says this is ‘Fabulous food for thought as we start the year.’ What does it mean to be an authentic leader?

We hope you enjoy reading our selection of articles, podcasts and blogs.

The resources above are personal choices and neither reflect the institute’s position nor constitute an endorsement by the CIPD.

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