Ethical risks in HR

A few years ago Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD considered whether corporate scandals were finally putting culture at the heart of the business agenda. He reflected on how increasing media coverage, along with issues in other areas of public life, from politics to sport, had been steadily eroding overall trust in the ‘establishment’.

The world witnessed shareholder revolts, more young people choosing not to work in large corporates, and voters preferring non-establishment figures or points of view. Hefty fines, criminal investigations, consumer backlash and job losses left shockwaves across several sectors.

Senior leaders must not only be conscious of ethical risks but also strive to develop and reinforce the values and behaviours we seek for our organisations and all stakeholders.

There is nothing more important, or more human, than gathering information from our own and peers’ experiences and senior leaders are closer than anyone, to understanding corporate culture, subcultures and the behaviours and risks that impact on organisational standards and integrity.

We invite Chartered Fellows of the CIPD and senior profiles to join us on Thursday 23 May at Manchester Metropolitan University from 18:00 – 20:00 for our select roundtable on key contemporary ethical HR risks. We are keen to draw on your experiences and to consider responses to the challenges you face.

Edward Houghton, Head of Research & Thought Leadership at the CIPD, will join us to talk about the vital role evidence can play in managing ethical risk factors. To ensure maximum benefit for all, we have a limited number of places available.

We hope you will contribute to our select roundtable. You can secure your place by following our registration link.

Our event takes place under the Chatham House Rule.

Location Manchester, England E-mail Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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