How Inclusive Is Your Organisation?

By Mike Shaw (Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Emerald Group)

This is an Ignite talk given by Mike at a recent DisruptHR event in York

Before you watch the video are you familiar with Ignite talks?

Ignite talks are fast. Speakers usually have five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides lasting just 15 seconds each and they advance automatically so the pressure is on!

Mike Shaw talks Neurodiversity at DisruptHRYork
6 June 2019

Mike asks the question How inclusive is your organisation? and suggests ways in which employers can make adjustments for neurodiverse staff.

Mike Shaw Neurodiversity At Work Campaign CIPD Manchester Branch

About Mike

Mike is a regular volunteer contributor to numerous CIPD Manchester Branch initiatives.

Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeShawLD

Neurodiversity At Work

  1. The case for neurodiversity at work
  2. Open up your mind
  3. How to create a neurodiversity-friendly workplace
  4. Understanding the benefits of neurodiversity
  5. How can we support neurodiversity in the workplace?
  6. Strengths not disorders 
  7. How inclusive is your organisation? | Ignite Talk
  8. Responding to neurodiversity amongst customers and employees
  9. Neurodiversity and Performance Management

Support our campaign

The CIPD Manchester Branch campaign will include Twitter chats, some podcasts as well as a blog series. The blogs have been written by a range of people, from within the HR and L&D world as well as outside. Some are from a personal perspective of being neurodivergent and others from neurotypical people. We are very grateful for people’s contributions in helping us explore how we can support neurodivergence in our organisations, and help us to step-up the pace of change and inclusion. 

If you would like to contribute a blog and share your personal experience or that of your organisation, please get in touch. 

We look forward to your reading, listening and contributing to this campaign. Leave us your comments below and don’t hesitate to share this article with your networks. Together we can make a difference by raising awareness.

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