Neurodiversity At Work – Reflections on CIPD Manchester’s campaign

Rachel and Mike reflect on the CIPD Manchester neurodiversity at work campaign and draw out the key points of interest.

We started our Neurodiversity At Work campaign in May 2019 to step-up the pace of change and inclusion. 

Through a series of articles, twitter chats, ignite talks and more we aimed to help readers discover more about neurodiversity and the measures employers can take to make their organisations more neurodiverse-friendly places to work.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to the campaign and we’ve included links below to all resources.

1. CIPD’s Neurodiversity at Work publication (February 2018)…urodiversity-work

2. The Neurodiversity blogs:

3. The GoodPractice podcast ‘How can we embrace neurodiversity at work?’…sity-at-work

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