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Building a High Performing Organisation through Investing in Your People

Many people leave, or at least mentally withdraw from, their employer if they sense their employer does not reciprocate their investment of talent and energy. 

Questions to ponder:

  • how managers can ensure they develop their teams in line with organisational goals; 
  • how to keep a broad approach to what ‘investment’ might mean for different individuals, and 
  • how to ensure we keep a focus on this issue in busy operational environments.

Sustaining Improvements in a VUCA Environment

As John Lennon said,

‘Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans’.

John Lennon

Similarly, organisations regularly create new operating models, only for urgent and not-so-urgent matters to get in the way of maintaining focus on sustaining hard-won and necessary improvements. Seeking to build high-performing environments in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times is a constant challenge.

Engaging your Colleagues in the Improvement Journey

Much has been written about the importance of engaging colleagues in organisations, but how can an organisation, with inevitably limited resources, seek to actively and genuinely engage its employees in an improvement journey? 

How then do organisations maintain momentum, and ensure leaders are themselves fully engaged in the vision for the organisation?

Capturing Contribution Through Inclusive Leadership

Organisations are falling over themselves to declare their commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. But how is this achieved with any lasting impact? 

If you would like to learn about the multiple dimensions to this question; from testing levels of commitment and self-awareness in leaders, moving beyond appropriate website images, to achieving a genuinely-felt sense of inclusion by all those who work for an enterprise then our organisational development conference is for you.

We’ll be exploring all of the questions above with experts from Oakridge Consultants on 24 April, 2020 at the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham WA14.

Join us from 9:00 with Neal Chamberlain, OD Lead and Jean Carter (Ambassador) CIPD Manchester Branch, together with Brigit Egan, Director, Oakridge, Kevin Charlesworth, Senior Consultant, Oakridge and Dr Rachel Cowen, University of Manchester Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Conference sponsored by Oakridge Consulting
Location Manchester, England E-mail Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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