Collaborative working from home

By Emma Brookes (Public Policy Adviser, CIPD Manchester)

My silver lining moment today is that I am so proud to be part of the CIPD Manchester committee. This morning we brought together our skills, knowledge and experience to hold our first virtual branch planning session. 

We used CIPD data and member feedback to gain insights on how we can create and deliver activities that support our members and Manchester employers by championing better work and working lives. In doing so, we brought the CIPD principles of being principles-led and evidence-based to life. In these difficult times, we mustn’t allow self-isolation and Covid-19 to prevent us from delivering outcomes for a better future when this is all over. 

This morning we overcame some minor tech issues, and Rachel Burnham did a fantastic job in facilitating the session and ensuring everyone had an opportunity to collaborate.

CIPD Manchester is working hard to ensure that whatever the rest of 2020 brings, we will be ready to support our members in facing the HR, L&D and OD challenges ahead. 


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