People Profession 2030 | Hackathon

What will the People Profession look like in 2030? Take part and join fellow practitioners on our international research Hackathon, where we’ll co-create a vision of what the future holds for the profession.

The CIPD is committed to leading the way in understanding and shaping the future of the people profession, setting it up for sustainable success in the future. This is the focus of its People Profession 2030 research, and the Hackathon is the next stage of this project.

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The CIPD’s aim is to better understand what trends may be shaping the profession, and the impact of these over the long term. 

From 10 – 20 August 2020 people professionals from a diverse range of industries, sectors, levels, specialism and geographies will come together virtually to collaborate, discuss, raise ideas and answer questions on the key trends that may be shaping our profession.

So start co-creating your collective vision of the future with people professionals from across the world. You’ll be able to take part in as many discussions and challenges as you like, and over as many days as you like. 

The information gathered will ultimately equip the CIPD with the insights and knowledge needed to provide the tools and resources people professionals need to thrive in a changing world of work and make their best impact. 

To sign up to the Hackathon, follow the ‘Sign up here’ button below and then click ‘register’.

After you have submitted your details, you will receive a verification email to confirm your account. Once your account has been verified, you’ll then receive a confirmation email with further details about the Hackathon. 

People Profession 2030 research project

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