Making a positive difference

Making a positive difference

Every year thousands of CIPD members volunteer to help the Institute champion better work and working lives. From organising local branch events, to supporting job seekers transition from education to meaningful employment, and governing the organisation, there are many ways CIPD members can make a positive difference for the benefit of people, organisations and society.

Volunteering with CIPD Manchester

Raise your professional profile

If you aspire, one day, to stand for election to our committee, becoming an ambassador is your first step. Ambassadors are volunteers who work alongside our branch committee, supporting our work and that of the CIPD throughout Greater Manchester.

Ambassadors represent a diverse team at various stages in their professional journey, they provide insight and advice to committee members by contributing to special projects and working in small groups. Ambassadors also play an important role in assisting committee members in the planning, organisation, delivery and facilitation of our events and other activities.

Becoming an ambassador has many benefits. Not only does it provide an opportunity to promote good practice and actively contribute to shaping the profession (and our branch) it’s also a great way to raise your professional profile and give back to the profession – as well as being part of a great team!

The more you put in, the more you get out!

  • Develop new skills
  • Form new connections through our activities and networking
  • Work on strategic and creative branch projects
  • Attend in-house development days
  • Enjoy social gatherings
  • Plan and run social media campaigns
  • Live Tweet during events
  • Guest blog for our branch
  • Curate important events

The minimum requirements for becoming an Ambassador are:

  • Current CIPD or CIPD Student Membership
  • Geographically located within Greater Manchester
  • At least one half-day’s availability spread over any given month
  • Ability to collaborate remotely (Zoom / MS Teams)

Ambassador roles are limited in number and highly sought-after. If you are interested in joining our team of Ambassadors, meet the minimum requirements, demonstrate the CIPD values, and are highly motivated with availability (more often than not in the early evening), please complete our online expression of interest formWe’ll acknowledge receipt and advise you of any current or future vacancies.

Volunteers Week 2020

We decided to mark #VolunteersWeek 2020 by sharing stories from some of our branch volunteers.

Read Emma’s story

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My volunteering journey with CIPD Manchester started from regularly attending the Public Policy events where I gained insights on how the CIPD are working to shape public policy. I’m so proud to now be the branch lead for Public Policy, and I’m working to ensure that the voice of regional practitioners is heard. 

We’ve had valuable sessions on a wide range of topics including Ethnicity Pay Gap, Family Friendly legislation and Immigration; it’s fantastic to see our members actively engaging and sharing their experiences to enable CIPD to include regional perspectives in response to government consultations.

On a personal level, Volunteering has pushed me out of my comfort zone; I’m not a natural networker and Volunteering has given me opportunities to develop my skills in this area. I feel more confident now when networking in my day job, and I feel it has helped me to progress in my career. I really enjoy collaborating with my fellow committee members and seeing the difference we make for the members of the CIPD Manchester branch. It’s so rewarding to meet with other volunteers from across the country who are all passionate about supporting the people profession to respond to the changing landscape of work.

Emma Brookes
Public Policy Lead

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I have really enjoyed delivering workshops through the Career Ready virtual training and development workshops supporting FE students in understanding their strengths and being prepared for the opportunities which will be available to them post-COVID.

Volunteering has enabled me to have some time expanding my network, and therefore, my message and deliver and support individuals and organisations in a proactive way.

As a GoodSam volunteer, I’ve spoken to many people who are shielding whom I have never met before. It has not been the food or prescriptions that have helped them the most it has been the conversations and the ability to interact and speak with people – cost £0, impact priceless!!

Giving is just one of the five ways to Well-being (the others are, “be active”, “connect”, “keep learning” and “take notice”). Volunteering has helped me fulfil them all.

Paul Hamlin

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Jenn was recently invited to deliver an online session for HR students at Manchester Metropolitan University called ‘Working as an HR practitioner in challenging times’. The Level 7 students loved the session, which touched on the unique challenges HR professionals may face during times of crisis. Jenn also spoke about what we need to do to manage our well-being and the behaviours we must demonstrate to ensure that the businesses we are part of remain calm and in control. Jenn also discussed how HR leaders are guiding their businesses out of crisis and into different ways of working.

Jenn commented:

‘This session was aimed at supporting the next generation of HR leaders, who may be nervous about what their future career in the People profession may hold. I highlighted occasions in my career where crises have occurred and emphasised self-care and how vital HR teams are’.

Jenn Hulme
Membership Engagement Lead
(First published by Alex Carr in CIPD Communities
Branch volunteers — our HR heroes! #HRtogether)

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‘Volunteering has allowed me to greatly expand my professional network but also build new friendships and enhance my overall knowledge. Being involved in events focusing on the challenges of Modern Slavery has helped me see some of the unique challenges that HR and the wider business face. If I hadn’t been volunteering with CIPD Manchester, I would not have learnt about something like Modern Slavery and been able to get involved in raising its profile and the challenges we face in removing it from society’.

Stephen McDonough
Social Media Lead

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‘Being a volunteer for CIPD Manchester has been, and continues to be, a fantastic learning experience. I have been able to grow my professional network and find ways through attending CIPD events to connect with people in the industry, and continue my professional development after completing my Masters. I honestly feel more confident in myself, and what I have to offer my organisation because of the knowledge I have gained and networks I am building. Also, as the Student Engagement Lead for the branch, I love being able to share my knowledge about working in HR & L&D with others, especially with our current CIPD students, to inspire them to engage with what we have to offer as a branch and an organisation.’

Emma Smart
Student & Centres Engagement Lead

Emma recently upgraded to Chartered Member and you can learn more about her journey here.

Emma Smart MCIPD

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‘Volunteering for CIPD Manchester has helped me professionally by developing my network, confidence and overall awareness of the sector. I have made friends, been given fantastic opportunities and connected with people all across the city. It’s been amazing.’ 

Daniel Taylor

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‘I joined CIPD Manchester as an Ambassador after relocating to the UK and currently lead on Employment Law. Being part of CIPD Manchester has helped me hugely both on a personal and professional level. My life is richer and definitely more rewarding. I’m always growing my network, using my talents and continue to develop new and valuable skills.’ 

Not so long ago, I returned to my former school, Alderley Edge School for Girls through Inspiring the future to talk about careers in Human Resources. I enjoyed interacting with pupils and representatives from many professions. Few pupils had considered pursuing a career in Human Resources. I was pleased to be able to promote the profession and the diverse career opportunities it offers.

Rebecca Westaway
Employment Law Lead