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Volunteering through one of the CIPD programmes is a great way to develop and demonstrate the core knowledge and behaviour standards set out in the new Profession Map and truly live the purpose and values. For many CIPD volunteers, whilst they are working with the CIPD to drive change in their own and other organisations, volunteering also supports their own professional development. Volunteering helps to develop key skills including confidence, strategic thinking and leadership. All CIPD volunteering and mentoring programmes support the Institute’s work on Diversity and InclusionWellbeing and Skills.

The CIPD is proud of this fantastic commitment and will continue to seek out and provide high quality volunteering opportunities that make a real impact.

Develop your professional skills

The third sector is hugely important in the UK, but many small charities don’t have a dedicated HR professional and often don’t have resources available to use for training. CIPD members play a role in Volunteering to support small charities, providing an opportunity to give back while also developing professional skills and experience.

Help a charity

Inspire the next generation

It’s often said that people fall into HR, they don’t choose it. But HR can be a hugely rewarding career, and young people deserve to be well informed about the full range of choices they have when weighing up career options. One way to give back to local communities is speaking to local schools about opportunities in HR. It’s a simple as sharing your story and opening pupils eyes to a career they may not have previously considered.

As schools begin to welcome back more children and young people, please consider chatting to them about your job and career route. You can help them see the relevance of the subjects they’re studying. Talks can be particularly motivating and inspiring for those from more disadvantaged and challenged backgrounds.

Speak at schools

Become an Enterprise Advisor

Senior professionals can also play a vital role in bridging the gap between employers and young people through senior-level engagement with a local school. The challenges many young people face when they transition from education to work are well documented, and one way to overcome them is through better connections between education providers and employers in their local area.

Develop key leadership skills

Develop your mentoring skills

CIPD members can develop and sharpen their mentoring skills through a variety of volunteer mentor programmes

  • The CIPD Mentoring Programme is a member-to-member mentoring scheme where both parties involved are CIPD members representing the people profession.
  • Steps Ahead Mentoring offers jobseekers one-to-one mentoring sessions to help them improve their employability skills, boost their confidence and find work. From using your knowledge of the recruitment process to helping a job seeker build their self-esteem, improve their CV or prepare for an interview. Your support and skills can make a real difference.
  • The new Aspiring HRD Mentoring Programme provides up-and-coming leaders in the people profession with a structured opportunity to learn from senior leaders. As part of the CIPD’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Institute uses a fully accessible application process and focused recruitment on ensuring all groups are served, particularly under-represented groups (e.g. BAME).


Develop your communication skills

Many young people are leaving education unsure how to write a CV or prepare for a job interview, and as a result, are failing to meet employers’ expectations. The more contact young people have with employers while at school, the more likely they are to succeed in the future. HR or L&D professionals are well placed to help young people at this crucial stage of their lives. You can pledge as little as one hour a year to visit a local state school or college to take part in one of many sessions with support from a teacher, and it’s a great way to develop your communication skills.

  • CV workshop
  • Mock interview
  • Career insight talk
  • Careers fair
  • Reading partner

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