Are you being consumed by what you consume?

According to Harvard Health Online, losing 5% of your total body weight triggers a cascade of health benefits.

Many people have found their diets going a bit awry these past 18-months. Add to that disrupted gym routines and the shear stress of the pandemic; it’s little surprise that covid-kilos have slowly crept up on us. In our next HR Café you’ll hear from a lady who particularly struggled with her weight during the pandemic. She’ll be sharing her story and inviting you to share yours.

Shardene felt stuck in a rut of low energy, daily physical pain, a negative mindset and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. One day she chose to take responsibility for her life and went from barely surviving to thriving. Learn from Shardene about how she overcame her struggles. She’ll share her top tips for healthy, everyday guilt-free living.

Join us for free on Wednesday 30 June from 12:30-13:30 via Zoom

About HR Café

We are passionate about providing a range of events that cater for the needs of our members. That means providing more than the latest thinking on HR topics. The HR Cafe is designed with YOU in mind, whatever your level or discipline (HR, L&D and OD practitioners). We provide you with a space where you can stop for an hour and focus on yourself, your feelings, your wants and your needs. All sessions have an open, person-centred format with no expectations, goal setting or action planning. We do not record these events.

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