Poetry and soothing self-care

Poetry and soothing self-care

These are still trying times for people professionals. We deal with a taxing array of issues, and our emotions can quickly run rampant. That’s why taking care of yourself is key to balancing the many moving parts of your life. 

Our regular HR Café sessions help you discover new ways to take better care of yourself. We’re in the company of Lisa O’Hare, aka The Chief Poetry Officer. Lisa is a writer and poet (as well as being a Chartered Tax Adviser).  

The Chief Poetry Officer

In 2020, like so many of us, Lisa had to take her life and words online, sharing her writing across social media and in various Zoom open mic events. Lisa took to her notepad to express her emotions throughout this period of covid-captivity. She got in touch with, and expressed, her feelings through poetry —from outrage and despair to boredom, sadness, as well as the odd glimmer of hope. 

Her poem and later the title of her book ‘Lockdown Life, a Rollercoaster of Emotions‘ 

When was the last time you allowed yourself to stop and notice the now?

We live in a world that’s full of distractions at the best of times. We’re always doing or thinking something. Being present or ‘in the moment’ can keep us happier, calmer and more in tune with our emotions. 

Penning a few lines of uncomplicated poetry can help us process difficult times in our lives. In the aftermath of 9/11, poetry sprang up everywhere. In the weeks after the terrorist attacks, people consoled themselves and others with poetry. Improvised poems sprang up all over New York, in shop windows, at bus stops, in Washington Square Park, Brooklyn Heights, and beyond. 

So join us for an hour of discovery and practice through some simple exercises. You’ll learn how to use poetry to relax and be in the moment whilst getting to know yourself in a way you may not expect.

About the Author

Lisa is based in North West England and started sharing her writing at spoken word events for the first time in 2019 after writing and performing a play at the Greater Manchester Fringe. Her poems have been published online by Visual Verse, Write Out Loud and Nymphs & Thugs. Lisa has also had her poems featured in anthologies by Printed Words, The Black Engine Room Press and Local Gems Buzzin’ Bards Anthology along with fundraising zines by the Coronaverses Collective and MadWomxn.

Lisa performs regularly at spoken word events such as Verbose, Speak Easy and Testify and has had two poems featured on BBC Radio Manchester’s Upload hour, including the title poem, Lockdown Life a Rollercoaster of emotions. Cheshire East Libraries also featured the title poem in their National Poetry Day celebrations.

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