Mick Marchington and his contribution to Human Resources

We are honoured to join Manchester Industrial Relations Society (MIRS) and the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester to remember and reflect on the work and contributions of Prof Mick Marchington, who sadly passed away on 24 February 2021, aged 71.

Mick was an emeritus Professor of Human Resource Management at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, and former Editor-in-chief (2005-2010) of the Human Resource Management Journal (HRMJ). 

He was an esteemed academic in HR and employment relations and a longstanding friend and source of inspiration, expertise and support for many at the CIPD. Over many years, he helped develop CIPD’s professional standards, qualifications and academic membership and was a lead examiner and quality panel chair accrediting CIPD centres. 

Mick was a former president of MIRS and made a lasting impact on the status of academic research and critical social science within the teaching and accreditation of HRM among practitioners. 

Mick’s work with CIPD

Mick’s outstanding contributions as both Chief Examiner (1994-2002) and Chief Moderator for Standards (2002-2006) for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development led to him being made a Chartered Companion in 2003. 

He strived for over thirty years to establish and maintain standards of excellence in the HR profession, taking on major tasks of both curriculum development and monitoring of standards. 

Mick was also the main author of a key textbook on HRM at Work, used as a basis for CIPD education since 1996. At the time of Mick’s sad passing, he was still working with and advising the CIPD on its new educational map and standards.

Remembering Mick Marchington

Thursday, 18 November
18:00-19:30 (online)

Our event will involve a panel featuring Prof Jill Rubery, Prof Damian Grimshaw, Prof Tony Dundon and Dr Gail Hebson, who worked on numerous major research projects with Mick, on topics including the fragmentation of work and employee voice.

We will then be joined by a panel of speakers from the CIPD, Ali House, Heather Bond and Jonny Gifford (who worked closely with Mick in translating research into professional standards for practitioners) to talk about the new CIPD research fund named in Mick’s honour

The CIPD Professor Mick Marchington Applied Research Grant

The CIPD Professor Mick Marchington Applied Research Grant (or Marchington Research Grant for short) will follow an annual cycle, with up to three research grants being awarded each year.

Details of the award and submission process are given here. If you have any further questions, please email Research with the subject line ‘Marchington Research Grant’.

Deadline for submissions 20 November 2021

Location Manchester, England E-mail manchester@cipdbranch.co.uk Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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