Tangible ways you can learn to handle significant life changes

Now, more than ever, how we work, the way we live, even how long we live are changing at a rapid pace and only those who can embrace everything that’s going on and reinvent themselves will survive and thrive. The Power to Change teaches you how to do just that.

People are finding it increasingly hard to keep up with the pace of change in society and personal lives. Rather than slowing down, change seems to keep speeding up as both individuals and organisations reevaluate priorities and plan for the ‘near’ future at least.

We’re not good at navigating change

By nature, humans aren’t good at navigating change. The good news, however, is that there are tangible ways you can learn to handle significant life changes. In his book The Power to Change, Campbell MacPherson explains why even the most substantial organisational change is still personal change and needs to be approached as such. He provides a range of business-focused tools, checklists and models to help you explore how you react to different types of change. Campbell gives you permission to feel emotional and have doubts and fears about change.

Breaking down the barriers

Campbell believes that even tough change is a good thing and provides effective methods for dismantling the barriers which can often prevent you from benefitting from change.

‘It is our job to help our people identify their own barriers to change, so they can start to overcome them. It is also our job to encourage our people to air their concerns and fears about any proposed change or strategy, for if these concerns aren’t voiced, they will grow in importance and become incredibly strong change barriers. Most leaders of change don’t understand this; they simply want their people to nod and comply. This is a big reason why most changes fail’

Campbell MacPherson

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The Power to Change provides a genuinely unique approach to celebrating change that will resonate with you, no matter the sort of change you have to confront. You’ll also benefit from a range of techniques to put change into perspective, allowing you to embrace and prosper from the challenges change presents.

Human Resources twin challenges

‘If your people aren’t ready, willing, and able to embrace change, then your organisation will simply not succeed’

The Power to Change has to date provided insightful content for media outlets worldwide including Forbes, Fast Company, CEO Today, Thrive Global, CEO Magazine, CEO World Magazine, City AM, The European, Association of MBA’s, TV NZ, Sky News, Om Yoga, The Australian Financial Review, the CIPD annual conference and dozens of podcasts across the UK, US, Canada and Australia.


In May 2021, The Power to Change was awarded Highly Commended in the Change & Sustainability category at #BBA2021

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What’s next for leadership?

Leaders are being called to move beyond demonstrating emotional intelligence to having much deeper values-based conversations. At the same time, leaders are being asked to create shared cultures and feelings of belonging with and between people they now rarely interact with person to person.

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