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April’s book is Neurodiversity at work by Amanda Kirby and Theo Smith (Kogan Page)

Neurodiversity is one of the most important and untapped opportunities in business today. This book clearly explains the issue and honours the necessity to pay close attention to every employee’s individual needs and leverage people’s extra special capabilities in unique and powerful ways.’ 
~ Josh Bersin (Deloitte)

Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of neurodiversity. 

Did you know that two in 10 employees in the UK are neurodiverse? This means it’s crucial that organisations understand how to support their neurodiverse employees and ensure they reach their full potential.

The top seven companies classed ‘ND Engaged’ include SAP, Dell, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, JP Morgan, EY and Google Cloud. Yet, despite this encouraging example, the neurodiverse population remains a largely untapped talent pool.

Recent ONS figures show, for example, just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. 

At a glance

Reading Neurodiversity at work will help you to understand what neurodiversity is and how it creates performance, productivity and financial benefits. The book provides guidance on how to optimise recruitment and talent management processes to attract, acquire and retain neurodiverse employees and includes helpful case studies and interviews from IBM, LinkedIn, UK Cabinet Office, Autotrader and Heathrow Airport. You’ll also learn how to adapt your policies and your working environment and flexible working options to ensure they work for all employees.

You can purchase the book via the CIPD Bookshop if you’re a CIPD Member (20% discount). If you’re not a member, we’ll send you a unique discount code to purchase the book via Kogan Page.

Read and learn from the book, make notes and then come and join us to discuss the book and its key themes with Emma Clayton and special guest(s) and people professionals at every stage in their professional journey.

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