A spotlight on CIPD membership

This month’s spotlight on the benefits from the CIPD membership are to complement the topics covered in our latest newsletter and some of our latest blogs.

Charlie shared the challenges she faced being a single working parent carer and its Anti Bullying Week 14-18 November – as an employer / HR advisor you need to stay up to date with your legal responsibilities and doing the right thing by your staff.

Within the Knowledge Hub, there are Guides on ‘Becoming a carer-friendly workplace’; along with a ‘Flexible Working Toolkit for HR Professionals’ and latest Research on ‘Focus on Working Parents’

Under Guides within the Knowledge Hub, ‘Tackling Bullying and Conflict at Work – Guide for HR Professionals’ and a Factsheet, ‘Harassment and Bullying at Work’

You can also tap into the Employment Law Helpline 24/7 to talk to a specialist with 1 of your 20 calls per year (25 if you’re a Chartered member)

As a HR Professional, the CIPD Profession Map has a Principles Led professional values section which focuses on seeing beyond the rules to do what’s right – this has a full section on good work being safe and inclusive, people deserving to be treated fairly and having a meaningful voice

As an individual, if you need support in either of the above areas, then the Wellbeing Services Helpline is on hand to talk through any issues, as is the Whistleblower Helpline, should you feel ignored or victimised.

If you are planning on visiting the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition on 9-10 November 2022 remember to secure your 10% off your conference ticket through the Saving You Money, Discounts and Rewards section

Get involved!

A continued shout out to all the Manchester group members – please contact me if you want to feature in the spotlight member on membership benefits. Three areas I would love to know about: what benefits do you use, why do you use them and the impact they have had on your work/you.

It is important to us that as members you have the opportunity to share your experiences – the more you do that, the stronger the community becomes

About the author

Pam Molyneux is a HR Consultant and the Manchester Branch Membership Engagement Lead.  Aside from running her own business, Pam loves to support young people find opportunities that will help them in later life and volunteers through the CIPD Enterprise Advisers scheme.

Location Manchester, England E-mail manchester@cipdbranch.co.uk Hours Our hours vary according to our programme.
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