Spotlight on CIPD Membership

This month’s spotlight on the benefits of CIPD membership are to complement the topics covered in our latest newsletter and some of our latest blogs.

Discounts and Rewards

We had the annual conference and exhibition over in Manchester.  Did you attend?  Did you remember to take advantage of the 10% off your conference ticket through the Discounts and Rewards section of the CIPD website? 

8-9 December 2023 is the next one, so mark that in your diary now.  If you can’t wait that long, don’t worry, there are plenty other conferences coming up and time to use your 10% discount – check out the schedule

Inclusive Recruitment

You will find in the newsletter a piece from Raine Curtis on inclusive recruitment.

There is lots of information available to support your understanding and knowledge around this, as follows:

If it;s easier to talk through things, then don’t forget about the helplines


We are looking forward to the UK Volunteer Awareness Week in June 2023, but we couldn’t not recognise the International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5 December designated by the United Nations in 1985 as an international observance day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism.

As your branch committee, we all volunteer in the roles we do.  There are many benefits to volunteering, being part of a team, meeting new people, learning new skills and the reward of being able to give something back and support the profession.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer with the CIPD if you are looking to get involved:

  • CIPD Trust helps support people getting into, back into and developing in work through mentoring aspiring HR Directors; providing support on career planning, confidence and job searching; and supporting jobseekers in their career
  • CIPD Mentoring Programme is a member-to-member mentoring scheme where through the branch you can be team up to share tips and advice
  • Speaking to schools about HR, helping to raise the profile of the industry and roles available.

If you want to have a chat about any of these, please do get in contact.

CPD – reflecting on 2022 and starting 2023 strong

As this is the last newsletter for 2022 and we will soon be celebrating the start of a new year, we felt it important to remind you of the benefits you have available around continuing professional development, reflecting on your 2022 and what you have achieved and to plan a strong 2023.

The CPD Cycle is a perfect place to start as it takes you through the steps to identify, plan, act, reflect, apply, share and assessing the impact of your development.

Supplementing the cycle is the self assessment tool where you are able to assess your capability against the Profession Map, identify gaps in knowledge and behaviour along with recommendations to create a bespoke development plan.  It really does take away the hard work of sourcing and plugging those development areas.

Let’s not forget about the 8 courses that support the core behaviours of the Profession Map – insights focused; working inclusively; passion for learning; valuing people; commercial drive; situational decision making; professional courage and influence; and ethical practice – all designed to help provide you with a good solid basis and foundation. 

Do you plan on using any of these tools?  Please do let us know of your experience.

Get involved!

A continued shout out to all the Manchester group members – please contact me if you want to feature in the spotlight member on membership benefits. Three areas I would love to know about: what benefits do you use, why do you use them and the impact they have had on your work/you.

It is important to us that as members you have the opportunity to share your experiences – the more you do that, the stronger the community becomes.

About the author

Pam Molyneux is a HR Consultant and the Manchester Branch Membership Engagement Lead.  Aside from running her own business, Pam loves to support young people find opportunities that will help them in later life and volunteers through the CIPD Enterprise Advisers scheme.

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