Increasing Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace: A focus on World Religion Day

Sunday 15 of January 2023 will be World Religion Day, a day of celebration of the different religions and beliefs that are present on planet earth and this day is an opportunity for different faiths to get together and celebrate inter-faith and harmony.

The first documented celebration of World Religion Day dates back to 1950, and on this day, various writers, singers, poets and artists are invited to gather and celebrate around the world, and speak about the importance of religions and how crucial it is to create understanding and harmony between different faiths.

In the world of organisations, and especially in the HR function, increasing Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace has become an integrated practice, starting from recruitment and throughout the whole employee lifecycle and journey in the organisation. As HR practitioners it is important to recognise the value of this day to endorse Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace. It is vital to encourage employees to reflect upon different beliefs and there are different ways in which employees could observe World Religion Day.

Tips on how employers might promote World Religion day include organising interfaith events across the organisation, or setting up sessions in which staff could engage in other religions or discussion forums to understand more about other colleagues’ different faiths. These could be very positive initiatives which would promote Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace, but that would also give the opportunity to staff to inform themselves about different cultures and traditions and expand their knowledge in terms of different religions and traditions around the world.

Why is World Religion Day important? It is important, especially in organisations nowadays, which are more diverse than ever, as it is a chance to experience something different and learn more about different beliefs. Furthermore, this could be a powerful EDI tool in organisations, as it could bring staff from different backgrounds and different ethnicities, to commune together.

The workplace area is also very important, especially during lunch breaks. If your organisations’ food outlets or canteens lack in different food choices, as HR professionals, you may wish to work with your food and catering service providers to create choices that are suitable for employees of every culture.

The main message of World Religion Day and why it should be applied in workplaces is that it is an opportunity for the workforce to gather and promote the similarities of different religions, and creating a more diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace.

About the author

Giulia Falconeri is one of CIPD Manchester’s branch ambassadors. She is passionate about employment law, L&D, recruitment and talent development. Giulia is currently working as a Senior HR Advisor.

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