Spotlight on Our Membership Engagement Events

We kicked off our 2023 programme to support you with your CIPD Membership with our first face to face workshop this week, all about the CIPD Profession Map. Thanks to the Manchester Deaf Centre for having us and being amazing hosts! We explored the map itself (if you are interested in finding out more, check out this video):

We also covered how you can use the map for your own individual career progression and within an organisational context.

These handy guides are useful to see how you can use the resource with your development.

We then held our first online Member Benefits Monthly. We explored the knowledge hub and discounts this month, as well as using the CPD reflection facility. We also explored the benefits of reserving time in your diary on a monthly basis for CPD reflection.

It has been a brilliant experience meeting some of our members in person and online and I can’t wait to meet more of you and to understand your membership journey so far.

Our next online session is taking place on 1 March.

We will explore two further member benefits and the CPD tools, and answer any questions you have around member benefits.

Our next face to face session is on upgrading your membership in May.

Also watch this space for Volunteers Week in June!

Get involved!

A continued shout out to all the Manchester group members – please contact me if you want to feature in the spotlight member on membership benefits. Three areas I would love to know about: what benefits do you use, why do you use them and the impact they have had on your work/you.

It is important to us as a Branch that as members you have the opportunity to share your experiences – the more you do that, the stronger the community becomes.

About the author

Pam Molyneux is an independent HR Consultant and the Manchester Branch Membership Engagement Lead.  Aside from running her own business, Pam loves to support young people find opportunities that will help them in later life and volunteers through the CIPD Enterprise Adviser scheme.

You can connect with Pam on LinkedIn or drop her an email

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