A Spotlight on CIPD Membership Benefits

In recognition of National Careers Week running from 6th – 11th March 2023, it reminds me of how I became familiar with HR.

I have met so many people along the way that “fell” into HR. 

I was the same. 

My previous manager told me about a HR vacancy that had arisen in her new company.  Being a naïve 20 year old, my initial response was, I don’t even know what they do, but happy to look at the job description. 

I have never looked back! 

I love the profession, the diversity, the fact that two days are never the same and being part of a role that supports people to be the best they can be.

I had the opportunity last year to take part in a careers fair at a school in which I was able to share what HR is all about.  My first question was, does anyone know what HR is.  Of course, the response was silence so based on that experience, there is still lots to do to spread the word.  I left the young people that day with the thought that if I inspire only one of them to pursue a career in HR and they connect with me in a few years time to let me know of their journey, that would be part of the career highlights.

What about you, how did you get into HR? 

I would love to know.  I would also love to know if you have talked with your local school about your career in HR.  I have a vision to plot the different roles that are being discussed with young people and the future generation for the profession, so please do get in contact.  Just think of the CIPD Profession Map and the vast amount of opportunity the profession presents.

If you are interested in taking part in sharing about HR with your local school, check out the Speaking to schools about HR  resources that are available within the CIPD member benefits – volunteering section.

It is a great opportunity to give back to your local community and to inspire the next generation.

Get involved!

A continued shout out to all the Manchester group members – please contact me if you want to feature in the spotlight member on membership benefits. Three areas I would love to know about: what benefits do you use, why do you use them and the impact they have had on your work/you.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

It is important to us that as members you have the opportunity to share your experiences – the more you do that, the stronger the community becomes.

We have our new monthly zoom calls, over lunch 12.30 – 13.30 happening on the first Wednesday of each month, where we will shine a spotlight on the benefits you receive as a CIPD Member; answer your questions; and reflect on your monthly CPD using the tools provided by the CIPD

Grab your seat via Eventbrite here – you can check out all of the other great events happening in March also.

Another event we are planning is for Volunteers Week coming up in the first week of June.  If you volunteer for the CIPD Manchester Branch, please do get in contact us as we would love you to take part in our social media coverage and also our face to face event.

About the author

Pam Molyneux is a HR Consultant and the Manchester Branch Membership Engagement Lead.  Aside from running her own business, Pam loves to support young people find opportunities that will help them in later life and volunteers through the CIPD Enterprise Advisers scheme.

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