Programme 2019-2020

Programme 2019-2020


18 July 2019 20:00
Neurodiversity At Work discussion on The HR Hour
Twitter Chat

To take part, go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #HRHour and follow the stream on the “Latest” tab. We’ll be asking questions and each question will have a seqential number e.g. “Q1, Q2”. If you choose to answer a question, please also include the number in your response e.g. “A1, A2” and remember to add the hashtag #HRHour in your tweet (otherwise your contribution won’t be seen in the stream). Above all enjoy the chat, share your thoughts and views, ask questions, or just sit back and learn from the stream. You can read our series of guest blogs beforehand if you have time.


12 August 2019 17:45
Immigration Whitepaper Roundtable | Public Policy Panel
Manchester – Northern Quarter

The government’s white paper on a future post-Brexit immigration policy looks set to have a dramatic impact on employers, especially low-skilled ones, if they are implemented. Our roundtable discussion session is aimed at immigration specialists or senior HR professionals in HR Manager roles and above.

On-Going Campaigns

Neurodiversity At Work

  1. The case for neurodiversity at work
  2. Open up your mind
  3. How to create a neurodiversity-friendly workplace
  4. Understanding the benefits of neurodiversity
  5. How can we support neurodiversity in the workplace?
  6. Strengths not disorders 
  7. How inclusive is your organisation? | Ignite Talk
  8. Responding to neurodiversity amongst customers and employees

Modern Slavery & Trafficking

If you would like more information on any of the above events, feel free to contact us by email

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