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A Year of HR Books

Emma Clayton reflects on the success of our HR Book Club and the four books that we’ve read during our first year since its launch. She also looks ahead to our next Book Club title Agile HR.

CIPD Manchester Annual Survey

What are your challenges?

It’s that time of year again when we’ll be gathering in early April to discuss our next programme of activities, and we want to know what areas you’d like us to focus on. 

Learn to Love Yourself

It can be all too easy to focus on the mistakes we’ve made, the areas in which we need to develop, or the aspects of ourselves that we wish were different. 

Kick Start your career in HR or L&D

Kick-Start your career in HR or L&D

Breaking into Human Resources or Learning & Development is highly competitive, and the process can feel very circular:

Learn how to take the steps needed to break into the sector.

Volunteer to give young people a better chance in Greater Manchester

Volunteer opportunities
Research shows that 43% of young people feel the pandemic has harmed their long-term career prospects. Providing careers education in schools and colleges is essential to help students regain confidence in their future. More than ever, they need help to understand the opportunities available and how to access them. 


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