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“In real-time social media streams, perfectly good content gets buried in no time at all.”

We tweet regularly during our learning and networking events and encourage our attendees to do the same. We share links to articles and reports refrenced by speakers, we also share speaker slides, photos and of course key points raised by speakers and attendees. 

Social media posts don’t stay on peoples’ radars for as long as other types of digital content and although anyone can search using a hashtag, valuable content does get disconnected and lost. 

That’s why we decided to curate as many of our events as possible, saving  tweets, articles, photos and links. We then add text to give context and organise all our saved items into collections for our members and followers.

Why not bookmark our Wakelet page and explore all our collections at your leisure. You’ll always find something new and interesting and we hope valuable to you in your work, your personal and/or professional development and lives.

2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Thank you for the informative content. I am a CIPD student currently taking level 3. I have greatly broadened my HR knowledge by reading this blog regularly. Kudos
    I would like to see more articles on the impact of AI and gig economy on HR profession.

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    1. Hello Alen, Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions. It’s crucial for employers to put HR at the centre of technology implementation decisions and to involve employees directly. This will ensure that employees have a meaningful voice on matters affecting them, including the ways in which their job roles could be augmented or changed by technology. Where changes to roles are significant, employees must be supported throughout the transition – through effective people management as well as reskilling or upskilling. We hope you’ll join us for our Annual Meeting on 21 June to learn more about our plans for the new branch year which begins on 1 July. In the meantime, you may like to explore these related resources


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