Skills for the Future

Three ways to improve people management skills

Why do so many organisations or individuals choose not develop their people management skills? Daniel Taylor explores the question and suggests various options readily available.

The future of skills? A big deal, a raging global debate.

Dr Ruth Sharpe, Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University reflects on future skills and their role in driving organisations through the ongoing challenges of our post-pandemic, turbulent UK environment.

Avoiding disparity in a hybrid world

Helen Marshall talks remaining impartial in a hybrid world. There’s an extra level of responsibility for line managers and senior leadership to recognise that creating an inclusive culture means paying even more attention to treating everyone fairly – no matter their physical location. Avoiding disparity should be a conscious effort until it becomes a subconscious practice.

The potential of rhythm intelligence

Are you showing rhythm intelligence when managing your people? People’s [productivity will fluctuate as they go through different phases of life, and experience different things.

Creating a coaching culture

Coaching isn’t new but the way it’s delivered and used is evolving all the time. Embedding a coaching culture helps to grow and nurture talent to become greater assets for business. By creating a coaching culture you support a more invested and motivated workforce that is actively engaged in the learning process.

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