Manchester Industrial Relations Society 50th Anniversary Conference

The Changing Face of Employment Relations over the Last 50 Years Ralph Darlington has written a fascinating account of the highly successful Manchester Industrial Relations Society conference held on Friday 21 November, which CIPD Manchester sponsored. Mike Emmott of CIPD was a key speaker and the event was very well supported by our membership. ┬áThe … Continue reading Manchester Industrial Relations Society 50th Anniversary Conference

Managing Cancer in the Workplace

I hope everyone enjoyed #CIPD14 - here is the story in tweets of the Manchester Branch event on 'Managing Cancer in the Workplace'. Contact us if you would like any more information on the session and the speakers. https://twitter.com/Damiana_HR/status/530269299660029952 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530270335107858432 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530270908804788224 https://twitter.com/PurchasingCoach/status/530272140457959424 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530272965058134016 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530273374300540928 https://twitter.com/SafeComputingUK/status/530272127040389120 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530275329181749248 https://twitter.com/D5N1SE/status/530275119697235969 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530275767654305792 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530276104297537536 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530276298137288704 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530277256145698818 https://twitter.com/D5N1SE/status/530277103129075712 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530278052379779072 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530278512763355136 https://twitter.com/CIPDManchester/status/530279388970242048Continue reading Managing Cancer in the Workplace

Ryan Cheyne at #socialHRmcr

Some exciting news for you regarding our Social HR Conference on 16th October We are happy to announce that Ryan Cheyne will be the closing the conference at the Lancashire Cricket Club. Ryan Cheyne is People Director of Pets at Home, the UK's leading pet specialist retailer. In the 9 years Ryan has been with … Continue reading Ryan Cheyne at #socialHRmcr