Neurodiversity at work campaign

In May 2019 we began our Neurodiversity At Work campaign, featuring a series of articles by guest contributors. Some articles approached the subject from a purely personal and neurodivergent perspective, others examined neurodiversity through a people profession lens.

Throughout our series, you’ll discover more about neurodiversity and the measures to take to encourage your organisation to become a more neurodiverse-friendly place.


We hope you have been inspired by our #NeurodoversityAtWork campaign and we are extremely grateful to everyone who gave their time in helping us explore how we can support neurodiversity in organisations.

CIPD Resources

Neurodiversity at work

Learn more about neurodiversity, the benefits for organisations, and how to support neurodivergent people to be comfortable and successful at work

15 Feb 2018

CIPD Voice articles

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace

Dr Jill Miller makes the case for employers to embrace neurodiversity and discusses a new CIPD guide on the issue

27 Nov 2017


Diversity and inclusion at work: facing up to the business case

Assessing the evidence on the outcomes of diversity at work, the barriers keeping inequalities in place and how organisations can tackle these to make work an equal business.

20 Jun 2018

CIPD Viewpoints

Disability at work

Explore the CIPD’s point of view on disability in the workplace, including actions for Government and recommendations for employers.

Series list

  1. The case for neurodiversity at work
  2. Open up your mind
  3. How to create a neurodiversity-friendly workplace
  4. Understanding the benefits of neurodiversity
  5. How can we support neurodiversity in the workplace?
  6. Strengths not disorders 
  7. How inclusive is your organisation? | Ignite Talk
  8. Responding to neurodiversity amongst customers and employees
  9. Neurodiversity and Performance Management
  10. Key points of interest from the campaign

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