In May 2019 we started a campaign on Neurodiversity in the workplace including a series of blogs written by a broad range of people.

Some blogs are from a purely personal neurodivergent perspective, others are from HR and L&D practitioners.

Through our series of articles you will discover more about neurodiversity and the measures you can take to make your organisation a more neurodiverse-friendly place .

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has given their time in helping us explore how we can support neurodivergence in our organisations as we campaign to step-up the pace of change and inclusion. 

Read the series

  1. The case for neurodiversity at work
  2. Open up your mind
  3. How to create a neurodiversity-friendly workplace
  4. Understanding the benefits of neurodiversity
  5. How can we support neurodiversity in the workplace?
  6. Strengths not disorders 
  7. How inclusive is your organisation? | Ignite Talk
  8. Responding to neurodiversity amongst customers and employees
  9. Neurodiversity and Performance Management
  10. Key points of interest from the campaign

We hope you have been inspired by our #NeurodoversityAtWork campaign.

Catch up on past campaigns here

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